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Guest Rooms: In guest rooms, we have elevated our rigorous protocols. We are thoroughly cleaning all surfaces with hospital-grade disinfectants. We have also removed the following items to help prevent the spread of germs: ink pens, paper, envelopes, directories, mini bar items.
Flexible Cancellation Policy: We understand planning travel during these unprecedented times can be stressful! In an effort to ease some of that travel stress, we are offering a flexible, 24-hour cancellation policy on all direct bookings.


Sustainable jungle resort in the emerald coast of Nicaragua, one of the best surf breaks in central America, located in a real community and surrounded by the most amazing forest and golf course with year-round warm weather. Experience the aurea state of mind living beneath the trees while doing all sorts of outdoor sports and activities.

This 11-room, open and breezy retreat combines high-end amenities and nature with a laid-back vibe, while also immersing guests in the local culture. In fact, if you have young kids in town, a Montessori school here will welcome and include them during your stay. To enter Aurea is to feel as if you are walking into a rich forest with expansive views. The architecture is a contemporary reinterpretation of a colonial house, characterized by an interior patio layout and a ground-level-only dwelling under a canopy of trees.

Perfect year-round weather and close proximity to an international airport allows one to quickly jump into a wealth of activities that, in addition to golf and surfing, include horseback riding through the local villages and along the beaches; yoga under the trees; a variety of wellness treatments; fishing for pacific tuna, mackerel, mahi-mahi, and sailfish; sailing on a luxurious catamaran; cultural tours to local communities, and much, much more.



Discover the Coastal Jungle


Is the realization of a longtime vision: living under the canopy of existing trees. Nicaragua, set between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, is a Central American nation known for its dramatic terrain of lakes, volcanoes and beaches


We at Aurea pride ourselves on offering a new and unique hospitality experience. Where our guests have the opportunity to ‘live and learn’ in nature and walk away inspired to live a more conscious life.


A response to the growing desire of being sustainable, where it is nature itself reducing energy consumption by providing us its natural shade and winds.


An architectural manifesto where simple construction techniques were humbly woven into the existing design guidelines of the forest.


An ode to the interior gardens as the key strategy for tree conservancy, an ongoing experiment where nature is the scientist, and the building is the subject.


It pays homage to its Latin root meaning of ‘Golden’. A remembrance of the Golden Ratio; the mystical dimensions that are repeated throughout our living spaces.


From day one, sustainability is the biggest guideline for AUREA. Forest conservation and community transformation are our statement to the world.


The shine of gold, your everyday sunset experience... a mystic moment you will never forget.


The durability of reinforced concrete, the ideal resource to perpetuate this experience towards the future generations.

Aurea is our reinterpretation of the traditional colonial design characterized by the interior patio layout and the ground level only elevation, we believe this ancient lesson is the less invasive way for humans to coexist with green space. The typology of interior garden varies on each of the different gardens and rooms. Perforated block perimeter walls allow the air to flow, and the shade of the big trees along with sophisticated insulation foam inside the concrete ceiling slabs keep the heat away from all interior spaces throughout the seasons.


As a start, we chose to condition the floorplan to build on the less populated areas of the lot, and then broke down the house into smaller parts to suit them. Consequently, a maximum extent of privacy was achieved for all bedrooms, as well as a fluid connection between interior and exterior for the living spaces.


The rooms are inserted in a rich forest and golf course environment inside a private beach community, which holds over 10 restaurants and shops and all kinds of outdoor entertainment serviced by the local population of 150 residents - The property is located next to the Emerald Coast Intl Airport -and between the two very popular resorts of Rancho Santana and Guacalito de la Isla.




World-Class Surf Break



Barefoot Luxury Stay in the Emerald Coast


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Architecture: Carlos Ayala + Partners - Interior Design: Rutciel Cabrera - Photography: Brian Scott - Cinematography: Philipp Schonweitz
Web Development: Pavel Alvarez - General Manager: Maru Badiola